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Home Inspection Fees

[Based on square footage of house]

Under 1000sf    $190
1000-1500sf     $210
1500-2000sf     $230
2000-2500sf     $250
2500-3000sf     $270
3000-3500sf     $290
3500-4000sf     $310
4000-4500sf    $330
4500-5000sf    $350

Additional heating system     $25

Additional garage/barn         $25

Radon Test                     $95

*Termite Inspection           $55

*Well test                     $100

*Septic Inspection             $125

*Well and Septic Inspection $185

*Asbestos Identification     $115

*U.F.F.I. Identification     $115

* Fee will be $20 less when done along with a home inspection

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