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I am Dave Jones owner of Accu-Spec. I have been inspecting homes throughout South Eastern Michigan for 30 years.  I have completed app. 10,000 home inspections. My experience, knowledge, longevity and expertise as a home inspector is unmatched by most in the industry. 
I do all of my inspections, so you can be assured that you are getting a professional and not a novice.  Accu-spec follows the professional guidelines set forth by the American Society of Home Inspectors.
My background also includes extensive experience in renovation, design, and remodeling. 

I am a Michigan Licensed builder with hands on experience working with all trades and all types of construction.
I believe that my background and experience in both the building industry and as a home inspector will provide you the best service available.

* Accu-Spec is a Michigan Licensed Corporation
*Accu-Spec is in Its 30th year of operation
*Accu-Spec carries liability insurance
*I have completed app. 10,000 home inspections
*Michigan Builders License # 2101 087337



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