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Home Inspection Objectives

 Roof shingles and flashings are inspected for signs of wear

Attic insulation is evaluated

Roof sheathing is checked with moisture meter for signs of leakage

Furnace is checked with gas sniffer for carbon monoxide

Electrical panel is throughly examined for signs of faulty wiring

This home inspection report is designed to do three things:

 1.) Evaluation of the present condition of the home

  2.) Identify potential future problems and what you can expect as far as future repairs costs.

 3.) Serve as a maintenance guide for future care of your home


  This evaluation report will give you a better understanding  of the present condition of the major components in the home.  You are encouraged to be present for the inspection and to follow me as we take your home for a �test drive�.  We will check the roof, [and walk the roof when possible], gutters, chimneys, walls, trim, windows, doors, porches, decks, driveway and walkways, foundation, basement, crawl spaces, all structural components, attic, insulation, plumbing system, heating system,  and electrical system, along with countless other items in the home.  you will recieve this comprehensive report on the spot. 

 This report  is also designed to give you an idea of what may need repairing or replacing in the future and what you can expect to pay.  Purchasing a home is a major investment and having expensive repairs after moving in can be devastating.  Knowing ahead of time, however, what repairs will probably be needed, you will be better prepared to deal with them.

 Upon closing and moving into your home with a far better understanding of its condition, this report will help you in maintaining your investment.  By following through this report, you will find what to look for and how to prevent and correct many items.  You will find numerous maintenance referrals on the links page of this site.  Proper maintenance of your home is essential because many major repairs can be avoided if proper preventative  maintenance is applied.

The best home buyer is an educated one.   Follow me through the inspection process and learn all you can about every aspect of your home. Your house is your largest investment...  Would you buy a used car without taking it for a test drive?  Absolutely not!