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 One of the most important keys to a SMOOTH MOVE is cooperation from the home sellers.  The home inspection will evaluate the current condition of the home, give you an idea of what may need replacing in the near future, and inform you to what kind of maintenance will be required in the future.  This is designed to eliminate as many surprises as possible.
 The following list of items, generally not included on the home inspection, can  provide even more information for you.


*  Walk through demonstration and provide manuals, maintenance schedule, and installing contractor on items not typically covered by home inspection.  [Example:  lawn irrigation system, alarm system,  Swimming pool, hot tub, cable TV, water treatment systems, phone jacks, etc.]

*   Ask for service manuals to all appliances included with the house.  [Furnace, air cleaner, humidifier, water heater, stove, dishwasher, all items listed in above paragraph, etc.].

*   Ask for a list of all contractors that have worked on the house.  [Plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc.].  This may aid you in the future regarding repairs or upgrades.

*   Ask if there are any warrantees for work that they have had performed that may be transferable to the new owner.

*   Ask for a list of any ongoing services to which they may subscribe.  [Lawn care, maid service, garbage collection, etc.].

*   Ask them to leave behind any exterior/interior paint or stain that has been used on the house and they may have no future need for.

*   Ask if they know which landscape flowers are annuals or perennials.  If it is off season, you won�t have any idea of what may surface in the upcoming Spring!

Good luck and have a smooth move!!!


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